Eagle1 Reserve Contract

# Initialization
	# *** An Ethereum smart contract for executing hole in one claim payment of 5000 on May 4th, 2015.
	#First, store insured's ethereum address:
	contract.storage["INSURED"] =
	# The, store insurer's ethereum address:
	contract.storage["INSURER"] =
	# May 5th, 2015 (midnight) is 1430776800 in "computer time"
	contract.storage["DEADLINE"] = 1430776800
# Code
	# If the hole in one event is achieved before the expiry date...
	if (contract.event["EVENT"] = true and block.timestamp <= contract.storage["DEADLINE"]):
	    # ... then designate the insured as the claim payment recipient and pay claim
	    contract.storage["RECIPIENT"] = contract.storage["BUYER"]
	    send(contract.storage["INSURER"], contract.balance, (tx.gas - 5000))

Solidity contract for Ethereum

Example of possible reserve account contract for Eagle1.


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