Name Registrar

;; Initialiser...
  [[(address)]] "NameReg"
  [["NameReg"]] (address)
  [[69]] (caller)

  (return 0 (lll
    ;; If there's at least one argument
    (if (calldatasize)
        ;; Stop if the first arg (name) has already been registered.
        (when @@(calldataload 0) (stop))
        ;; Store sender at name, and name at sender.
        (when @@(caller) [[@@(caller)]] 0)
        [[(calldataload 0)]] (caller)
        [[(caller)]] (calldataload 0)
      ;; No arguments - either deregister or suicide (if it's from owner's address).
        ;; Suicide if it's from owner's address.
        (when (= (caller) @@69) (suicide (caller)))
        ;; Otherwise, just deregister any name sender has, if they are registered.
        (when @@(caller) {
          [[@@(caller)]] 0
          [[(caller)]] 0

LLL contract for Ethereum

A simple name registeration service. Names (represented as 32-byte values whose left-most bytes store an ASCII string) are stored in the address space of the contract leading to the (160-bit ethereum) address of the name's owner.


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