Trade Settlement Test

  # *** An Ethereum smart contract to sell a website for "5000 by March"
  # First, store buyer's ethereum address:["BUYER"] = 0x6af26739b9ffef8aa2985252e5357fde
  # Then, store seller's ethereum address:["SELLER"] = 0xfeab802c014588f08bfee2741086c375
  # April 1, 2014 is 1396310400 in "computer time"["DEADLINE"] = 1396310400
  # If the agreed amount is received on time...
  if (contract.balance >= 5000*10^18 and block.timestamp <=["DEADLINE"]):
    # ... then designate the buyer as the new website admin and pay the seller["WEBSITE_ADMIN"] =["BUYER"]
    send(["SELLER"], contract.balance, (tx.gas - 100))

LLL contract for Ethereum

My LLL code description.


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