Ethereum tools for developers, miners, and investors.

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  • Contract Editor

    Contract Editor

    Create smart contracts for the ethereum network. Edit, publish, and audit contracts in your browser.

  • Etherface


    Our fast server and API interacting in real-time with the Ethereum network for various applications.

  • Terminal


    Command-line interface to the Ethereum network through our Etherface server and API.

  • Peers


    Live and stable nodes on the Ethereum network discovered by Etherface.

  • Ether Unit Converter

    Ether Unit Converter

    Convert between the different denominations of ether (wei, szabo, finney), bitcoin, and USD$.

  • Cost Calculator

    Cost Calculator

    Calculate the cost of conducting a transaction or executing a contract on Ethereum.

  • Gas Fees

    Gas Fees

    Gas fees for operations in Ethereum transactions and contracts.

  • Gas Price

    Gas Price

    Gas is the fundamental network cost unit and is paid for exclusively in ether. Its price is set in the transaction by the developer.

  • Blockcast


    Message broadcaster on the blockchain and interaction with Whisper.